Wednesday, May 20, 2009

.tis the season for frosty coffee.

If there's one thing that springs to mind this time of year, with the flowers in full bloom, the days growing longer and the temperature rising, it's how lovely an iced coffee would be right I'll be honest, I spend a little more than I should on pre-fabaccinos and other assorted caffeinated iced delights. What can I say, walking down the street on a warm spring day, I find myself uncontrollably driven through the doors of a coffee shop I may pass, in search of chilly coffee bliss. Bad habits aside, its also at this time of the year that I start making two pots of coffee a day. One for my usual morning pick-me-up, and another extra strong batch for iced coffee. making two pots in the morning not only saves you time later on (as you wait by the fridge, tapping your toes waiting for your coffee to chill), but also save you major coin in your coffer. Please don't mistake this particular post as another 'reccesionista' article. I was broke before the so-called reccession, and I'm still poor now. And even if I wasn't, a dollar saved is a dollar put towards more important things in life, like that new NARS lipgloss or perhaps that rad Kensie Girl cardigan that's just been reduced. *twitch*

Bunny's Bad Ass Cold Coffee
  • 6 heaping scoops strong coffee (I perfer Kicking Horse's 'Pacific Pipeline')
  • 6 cups water
  • sugar (to taste)
  • milk type substance
  • ice
  1. Make your coffee in your coffee making apparatus of choice, although for this recipie, for some reason I find a drip coffee maker works best.
  2. Once your coffee has brewed, add your sugar and remove from heat source. This part may take you a couple tries to get your coffee just right. I don't normally like sugar in my hot coffee, but a little sugar cuts the bitterness of cold coffee in such a delightful way. I normally add about 1 tablespoon of sugar to my 6 cups of brewed coffee.
  3. Now that your coffee has cooled down sufficiently, transfer to your fave decanter and stow it away in the fridge. After about 2-3 hours min, your coffee should be cold enough to enjoy. Grab a tall glass and toss in some ice. Pour coffee over ice about halfway full. Top your glass with your chosen milk-style beverage and give a quick stir. Remember, you've made this coffee uber strong, so you will want to add more milk than normal. Sometimes, I perfer even weaker coffee and will water my glass down with ice cold water before adding my milk. Play around. Its your damn coffee. Do with it what you will, and enjoy! Makes 6 glasses, keeps (ie. tastes good!) 2 days.