Friday, October 27, 2006

.a little bit about the bitch-goddess.

Tired of binaries, constrained by the archaic notion of biological gender and clinging to trappings of femme-ininity like a life preserver, The Housewife Antichrist is one feminist-identified woman's attempt to make sense of her life.

The Housewife Antichrist despises dualisms, but recognizing their allure to the human psyche's obsessive need for organization.

The Housewife Antichrist identifies as (but not limited to): activist, admirer, aggressive, ally, bigender, bisensual, bottom, brunette, chick, chubby chaser, confidant, cute, do-me queen, FTF, fabulous, fag hag, female, female-assigned, feminist, femme, flirt, fourth gender, friend, friend of Dorothy, gender anarchist, gender deviant, gender expressive, gender subversive, gendered, girl, glittery, grrl, hairy, hard femme, heteroerotic, heteroflexible, heteroqueer, high femme, hippie, kinky, me, ms., peoplesexual, polysnuggler, poufbunny, pro-sex feminist, queerly straight, radical, sacred whore, sex positive, sex radical, she-bitch, stone femme, straight?, trans-oblivious, versatile, wannabe, XTF, YES!

The Housewife Antichrist recognizes that she is contradictory, but then, life itself is a contradiction.

The Housewife Antichrist does not pretend to represent all feminists or all feminisms. She is only one woman, and can only speak from her own experience as a white, female assigned lady living in the sphere of Western knowledge in the global North. As such, the Housewife Antichrist's understanding of the world is as limited as anyone else's.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

.testes, testes...if only i had a hammer. blog in a delightfully crunchy nutshell...

...more to come...